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Chaumont Barrens Preserve
Jefferson County’s Hidden Ecological Treasure
Welcome to the Chaumont Barrens, a unique alvar landscape. This 2 mile trail takes you through a mosaic of rare habitats and unique geology. Open daylight hours in early spring until mid-fall. Use sturdy footwear as the terrain on the trail may be uneven. Carry water in hot weather.
Directions: Take the first right in Chaumont, on Morris Tract Road, (Co Rte. 125). Go about 3 miles, turn left on Van Alstyne Road. Go 1.25 miles to the Chaumont Barrens parking lot on the left.

Ashland Flats Wildlife Management Area Three Mile Bay
Ashland Flats is primarily an area of open meadows, second growth, and young forests typical of the Lake Ontario plains. Small game, deer, and grassland nesting birds are found on the WMA. Shaver Creek and a number of “potholes” also provide wetland habitat used by waterfowl and several species of fur bearing mammals.

Ontario Bays Initiative
Land conservation for Lake Ontario’s Eastern Shore

Project SNOWstorm
Project SNOWstorm is one of the world’s largest collaborative research projects focusing on snowy owls, staffed by a largely volunteer team of scientists, banders and wildlife veterinarians.

Adult male snowy owl nicknamed Chaumont for the small town at the extreme eastern end of Lake Ontario, just a few miles from the Canadian border.