New Local O’Reilly Prints Now Available at the Library!

Local Prints by Artist James O’Reilly.
Matted prints available at the Library.
Print 6.5″ x 4.5″. With Matting 8″ ×10″.
Choose from a variety of matting colors.
$15 each, or 2 for $25.
 Some originals available – If interested please call the
artist directly at 315-800-2397.
All proceeds go to the library.
Call 315-649-5454 for more information.

Pennsylvania Prints

Florida Prints

St. Augustine
Panoramic Laser Print 4 x 17
Panormic Iris Giclee 4 x 17 – High quality print on watercolor paper.
The World Golf Village St Augustine
Panoramic Laser Print 4 x 17