Lyme Free Library Long Range Plan

This plan is designed to meet the changing needs of the Lyme Free Library, its patrons and the community.


The mission of the Lyme Free Library is to serve as a community gathering place and a gateway to ideas for residents of all ages and interests. Through comprehensive collections and innovative spaces, technologies and programs, the Lyme Free Library provides free and convenient access to information both within and beyond our walls. The Library advocates for access to the world of ideas and information unrestricted by fees, censorship, language or barriers to the disabled.


The vision of the Lyme Free Library is to become the cultural, intellectual, and virtual crossroads of the community, to provide exceptional library services, to make connections, and to be a leader among public libraries.


At the Lyme Free Library, we value …

Our Patrons … we strive to deliver our services in a welcoming and responsive manner.

Our Employees … their contributions make the Library an outstanding institution.

Our Supporting Organizations … their generous gifts provide enhancements that enrich the experience of every library patron.

Excellence … we encourage Staff, Trustees, and Volunteers to be creative, innovative, and strive for excellence.

The shared responsibility… of Staff, Trustees, and Volunteers who are all essential participants in fulfilling our mission.

The needs of the community … which drive our services and collections.

A sense of community and fellowship … by ensuring that the Library is a gathering place that supports collaborative enquiry, diversity and enrichment through programs and offerings for all ages.

An informed and literate citizenry … we actively promote our services, programs and the use of our collections to foster access to information.

Collaboration … with other organizations in The Town of Lyme.

Intellectual freedom … we promote and defend intellectual freedom and we acquire materials that represent the widest diversity of views and expressions.

Ethical and fiscally responsible stewardship … of all public and private resources. Goals, Actions and Measures of Success.



•     GOAL

We will ensure that the library atmosphere is always welcoming and encouraging, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

  •     ACTION

Lyme Free Library will maintain a collection housed in clean, comfortable surroundings. The library staff will monitor both safety and comfort, and make suggestions to the board as needs arise. We will demonstrate a proactive approach to customer relations by engaging with patrons, anticipating needs and responding in an efficient, positive manner.


  • GOAL

To provide our staff with the resources and education that they need to fulfill the mission of the Lyme Free Library and to give them the means to provide quality resources, services and programs to The Town of Lyme.


When recruiting staff and volunteers, we will find qualified individuals who demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, and strong communication and inter-personal skills. We will continue to have staff participate in cross training in order to provide continuity of service.


  • GOAL

The Lyme Free Library will strive to provide exceptional resources to facilitate learning, knowledge, communication, acquisition of information and, above all, the joy of reading to residents of The Town of Lyme.


We will develop a collection of and thoughtfully selected books, magazines, audio-books, movies, music, and e-media materials. We will continue to work with The North Country Library System to provide: eMedia books, audiobooks and magazines, access to Ancestry, The Watertown Daily Times, and educational databases.


  • GOAL

Special emphasis will be placed on books, materials, and special programs directed towards children and their caregivers to create an early and solid foundation on which to build the love of reading which will last a lifetime.


We will continue to hold a weekly Story Time for younger children and their care givers. We will schedule diverse family programs throughout the year. We will continue to offer updated, innovative, creative educational materials in our Children’s Playroom. We will support the NCLS Ready to Read Initiative.  We will attempt to partner with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a book gifting program that mails free, high-quality books to children from birth until they begin school.


  • GOAL

In response to the interests and needs of our patrons, and the ever-changing advances in technology, the library will provide up-to-date computer and Internet access. 


We will coordinate with NCLS to ensure that we have state-of-the-art public access computers available for use. We will continue to work with NCLS to maintain in-house and 24/7 outdoor access to our fiber optic network. As part of the North Country Library System we will offer educational databases including: The Watertown Daily Times, Consumer Reports, OverDrive – free downloadable books, magazines, and audio books, Universal Class – access to over 500 different self-guided courses, including subjects in general education, teacher resources, office skills, and hobbies, ArtistWorks – musical instrument, Transparent Language –  Explore a new language using any Internet-connected device, Fold3: Features premier collections of original military records, ReferenceUSA – up-to-date data for small business owners and marketing professionals, Cypress Resume Building & TumbleBooks –  free e-books, videos, and games for children.


  • GOAL

We will ensure that the library building and grounds remains safe, secure and accessible for our staff and patrons.


We will continue to explore ways to increase the maintenance budget to provide us with sufficient funds to maintain the building and grounds, focusing on preventative maintenance and accessibility. We will provide adequate space, lighting, shelving, seating, power and data infrastructure and a public restroom that meets New York State’s Minimum Standards.


  • GOAL

Lyme Free Library will provide free programs for the residents of The Town of Lyme including educational, informational, and cultural resources and activities.


The Director will create and conduct a survey that targets community needs, and conduct program and service assessments to gather feedback for future programming, and modify programs as needed.


  • GOAL

Provide appropriate social media and website presence to promote the library and disseminate information.


The Director will maintain the library’s website:

The Director’s assistant will maintain the library’s Facebook page.


  • GOAL

The library will make an effort to collaborate with other Town of Lyme organizations.


The Board will establish and maintain relationships with educational and community organizations.

Adopted:  June 2020