“Symphony of Destruction” the Second Book in the Storm Rider Series recently released by Local Author Chris Dutcher

Both Storm Rider books available on Amazon.

Book 1: The Emergence of Gunnar
Occasionally naive, uncool with the ladies, shockingly brutal when provoked, Gunnar is a modern day barbarian who redefines the term ‘tough guy’. Twenty-two year old Gunnar is exploring the US by motorcycle, taking odd jobs along the way. One particular odd job lands him in trouble with several different factions of local organized criminal bad guys. On top of that, the cops and the feds cant decide whether they want him dead, gone, or incarcerated. Gunnar has freakish physical strength, senses, and abilities, but he’s never fully understood why. One tumultous incident occurs after another. As events begin to filter onto the news, a certain clandestine scientific community becomes intensely interested in Gunnar’s predicament. A very hot and potty-mouthed FBI Special Agent is confused by her feelings for the intense young man, as she is both repulsed by yet strangely attracted to him. The two strike up an impromptu and occasionally hilarious relationship. Gunnar can’t stay, he can’t go, he can’t hide. Finally, he snaps, and the result is appalling. And what does Hitler and the Nazis have to do with it all? Edgy, hysterical, shocking, a wild ride. Storm Rider will leave you speechless.

Book 2: Symphony of Destruction
22 year old Gunnar never fit in anywhere. Abandoned as an infant, raised in foster care and various institutions, his life has always been a struggle. Now, fully grown and physically imposing, he would like nothing more than to travel around on his motorcycle and live day to day. Unfortunately, someone as unique as Gunnar can never remain anonymous. In this sequel to the original STORMRIDER we find that Gunnar has retreated into isolation. Perhaps he could disappear for a while and society would forget all about him. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Immediately upon resurfacing, he is at odds with the authorities. It seems no one has forgotten about him, not Jeff, Dr. Reingerd, and certainly not Special Agent Stacy Carson of the FBI, who is torn between her intense attraction to the young man and her sworn duty as an officer of the law. In fact, more people than ever are interested in finding out just who is this odd young man with the strange eyes and outlandish physical abilities? The only way he can escape incarceration is to cooperate and submit to a series of tests and experiments. Is he really the result of a Nazi genetic engineering program started by Hitler in WWII? He has a shot at freedom, but only under certain conditions. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Gunnar’s control, those conditions are not met. Soon, the situation devolves into utter chaos. Cops, criminals, the government, the Nazis, everyone wants a piece of him. Once again we find out that when Gunnar is pushed too far, no one is safe. Fast paced, intense, humorous, moving. Symphony of Destruction doesn’t disappoint.

BIKERNET BOOK CLUB BOOK REVIEW–Storm Rider: The Emergence of Gunnar by Chris Dutcher. A dichotomy of viewpoints, the law, the gangster,  the MC, a biker, but a story told from the view of a lone wolf biker. The lone wolf parts becomes even more evident as the story progresses.  This story held me in its grip from the start. Gunnar with an “A”, trying to find his way in a world as foreign from his reality as possible but the closest in line with his desires. Gunnar is the epitome of a true lone wolf biker. He is searching for the meaning and purpose of his life, while trying to live free. To him control, constraint,  and normalcy are four letter wordsAs Gunnar slides into a roadside bar and out of a downpour, the local MC takes interest in him. With a town loaded with gangsters and the feds, trouble soon erupts and Gunnar is in the middle of it. Through in a hot little FBI agent and passions rise. The story gets even more interesting when some Nazi’s get in the mix trying to reap the benefits of their creation. But all along Gunnar is just looking for the meaning of life and a nice piece of ass.  To get the rest of the story pick up the book. Me, I’m waiting for thy he next chapter to see where Gunnar goes from here. Spoiler alert, he survived book one.–David Campbell.